RESEARCH OVERVIEW (under construction)

PhD Research

I am conducting research on enabling robots to make better decisions in highly variable social interactions such as ones with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). I am part of the INSIDE project, a joint collaboration between CMU and IST Lisbon that develops and studies interactions between a mobile robot and children with ASD.

The work broadly consists in:

(1) building models of interactions with children with different types of ASD,

(2) enabling a robot to plan a sequence of actions to optimize for a measure of the quality of interaction, and

(3) enabling the robot to learn how to improve the interactions using feedback gathered throughout previous interactions.

Co-advisors: Manuela Veloso (CMU), Francisco S. Melo (IST)

Master's Research

My Master's research introduced of expressive lights in robots, as a new modality of robot-to-human communication for better transparency and explainability. My thesis document is available here.

Advisor: Manuela Veloso


Bachelor's Research

My Bachelor's research was about designing and building an architecture for Home Automation using low-cost technology, including an Android tablet and an Arduino microcontroller. The system included power-aware automated task scheduling, and was later extended to include a neighborhood of houses. The research paper published out of my bachelor's thesis is available here.

Collaborators: Marc Ghobril and Sami Malek

Supervisors: Rouwaida Kanj, Ayman Kayssi, Fadi Zaraket


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